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2nd P4 FIT Annual Meeting 26.-28.3.2023 KEELE


The 2nd P4 FIT Annual Meeting will be held 26-28 March 2023 in Keele, United Kingdom. The meeting is hosted by Keele University.

Perspectives For Future Innovation in Tendon repair (P4 FIT) fosters to build a new generation of 15 early-stage researchers (ESRs) with adequate skills to explore non-conventional therapeutic and diagnostic solutions by exploiting the technological advances in nanomedicine. During the annual meeting each of the 15 ESRs will share the main results of their training and research activities. The ESRs form a cross-disciplinary group from biological, technological and computational disciplines and they work together promoting tendinopathy resolution. The ESRs will present their latest research activities.

The annual meeting will showcase the latest results of the project and allow the project partners to share information and strengthen the co-operation among the project consortia and the scientific community. P4 FIT consist of six beneficiary partners, 21 partner organizations, 10 academic and 11 non-academic institutions from across the whole Europe.


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